Proxy is a mobile application that keeps you connected with your friends nearby. Whether you’re traveling on the other side of the world, hanging on the other side of town, or chilling at home, Proxy shows you who of your friends are nearby right now. Share what you are doing and see what friends are up to with text/picture/video statuses. Message with friends and meet up in person.

The site has lauched just a couple of days ago, yet I have felt a strong interest from artists all over to have an online exhibition. Gallerisso will be the most prestigious websites out there having exhibitions online. It will include an annual "Gallerisso Prize" to artists for making something extraordinary. The Gallerisso exhibition and it's prize is something every photographer will strive for. A great new step on their journey.
An iPhone photo app to make 4 photos in a row, just like in a real photobooth. After taking the four pictures, it should generate one big picture out of them by adding white borders around each single picture and displaying them in a bit overlapped way - as if the photos where spread on a table...

People could use the app just like friends or couples use a photobooth, take great and/or fun pictures to have something to laugh about and remember in the future.