Getting funding is hard. Funding can be even harder. The worse part is that it never just happens. After you have something special, you want people to be able to find it easily like an ice cream shop.

This idea is web-based, easy to create and easy to use.

It's all about making funding more passive. Let's talk if you are interested. brenton1c1moss G mail.
I don't want to go into too much detail, prior to legally protecting my idea as my intilectual property. The title (above) and tags (below) should give yous some idea of what I am looking to do. This product could be used globally. I am seeking individuals with experience in patent research, market research, writing business plans, securing startup capital, and computer programming/coding/developing. Once I have a document for you to sign off on, stating that you agree to not run off with my idea, I will give you more details. I would like to work with a team, but I would like us to start off on the right foot. Contact me through my LinkedIn profile (listed on my Founder2be profile), if you would like to talk further.
As we know nowadays almost majority of cheap tickets have one disadvantage that we need wait long period of time between terminals or changing flights. Consider to statistics majority of cheap tickets bought by students or youth generation. On my start-up idea, i want avoid fear for waiting long period of time during changing flight. In the same time encouraging students to travel all over world with cheap tickets.As we know, now with internet we can reach everywhere in second, that is why i wrote my ideas more global level and vision that everyone will be availbale use and get benefit.
I am looking for developer who can help me to implement my idea and make its' 1st demo version to introduce it to invesotors or international star-up competitions.I have few starup ideas which i done marketing, financial and business analysis for these ideas. If someone will support this idea with help or investigation i will be very happy.
Please if someone interest about my idea and would like to be part of this start-up idea write to my mail adress: or here on my inbox.
Thanks all of your attentions!!!
Kind Regards,
Akif Rustamov

This proyect Is an online legal services and legal solutions site providing affordable and accessible legal services by reducing cost and complexity to be applied in Mexico and specializing in Mexican Law.

The main service is a question-prompt fill in the blank forms that create custom legal documents providing simple step-by-step instructions that help you customize documents for your specific needs.

This is a business model that has been validated and proven successful by two large enterprises; rocket lawyers and legal zoom; in 2010, Rocket Lawyer received $7 million in equity financing from Investor Growth Capital in order to expand operations. That year, Rocket Lawyer had over 700,000 online visitors each month.  In July 2011, Rocket Lawyer raised $18.5 million in a Series D round of financing from August Capital, Google Ventures and Investor Growth Capital. In December 2011, Rocket Lawyer raised an additional $10.79 million from Industry Ventures, bringing its total funding to $43 million.

On February 14, 2014 European private capital firm Permira announced its $200 million aquisition in equity of LegalZoom becoming its largest shareholder.

The cost of opportunity lies in the untapped market of online mexican legal services and the knowledge and expertise of mexican law, judicial system and close relations with notary publics (activities vary from the U.S.) 

We are looking for a cofounder willing to help in the design and development of the prototype service.

A Real-life based MMOG with each world country & people are able to choose the country & the Division of the Military they want to join i.e. Army, Air Force or Navy. They can be a Politician, a Bussiness person, a Country Fighter, a Merc, Can start a Bank or a Private Org or a Stock Company & lot more. The players can communicate with others using the  Advance In-Game messenger that is availbe for mobile use too. The President declares war on another country & all the soldiers just fight get a new Country in their country or the Union. But dont even try to think of any Scams in the game as the Under Cover Staff is keeping an eye on you. Experienced player in the Game or have contributed something?, Join the Admin & Game Staff in the Antarctica. A lot more.
I hope this give a short & simple description of my Concept. Also I prefer the ones from India or pak OR if they can manage with these 2 time zones, then you are too welcomed.

There are over 2,000,000 small businesses in Australia who are currently battling the big guy to get a piece of the market share.

The app is a business directory/Social marketing tool aimed at small businesses putting them directly with their target market.
Businesses pay a small monthly subscription to be part of the service that connects them with potential customers who can offer a rating and feedback.

Customers can choose a doctor, electrician, hair dresser etc from a list of businesses close to them recommended by people they know or people in their community via facebook. 

Hello everyone!

I am looking for somone interested in starting a Forex (Forex Exchange) Prop Company. We would be opening up our own trading floor as well as partnering with a bigger company allowing us to keep our comission down and our startup costs down. To start I would like to have around 3 full time day traders allowing us to get an intial income coming quickly and allowing us to expand as quick as we need to. If anyone is interested let me know and I would love to discuss more and get something figured out.

I small investment would be required to help us get started!  
The monthly Google search impression in South Africa for 4 of the service that can be rendered through the concept averages 130k a month. Users nowadays want the full experience of customer service. Most apps of websites fall short in providing a unique service. users want to save on cost and time. Take a directory service, what do you get , leads whereby the client has to source the required service provider,look at call centres, client wait on the line for some time before they are even answered. what if there was a app that provided users with relevant information of service providers within a 10km as well as notifies them of their requirements or requests. Well now this can be done

Having a relationship with 1000's of nationwide South African service providers ( plumbers, electricians,locksmiths,glaziers,appliance techniciansand towing companies), I have Come to realize that being sustainable is a challange for most of them. Being on a directory database is costly and there is not guarantee that they will get any work. With that said everyone knows that cash is king. 

The concept is based around having a app with a database of service providers (which I have) that will assist cash clients. Users will complete a request form based on location,category, appointment date and time as well as their budget. This location based app will generate revenue through leads created for the service provider via the app. The service provider will only need to pay for our service if they generate income , which is fair and also allows them to be sustainable. The system will need to be 100% automated and track the users request based on the appointment date and time , when this point is reached the user should be sent a notification advising them to  rate the service received from the service provider as well as who completed the service. The system will then automatically invoice the service provider for the lead generated. I am looking for investors for the concept that will assist in the app development , as I have mentioned I have the data that will be  populated onto the app.  
Looking for some cofounder who can invest on my product  
Feel free to contact me...
Hi, my name is Mark, I have been an attorney for over 15 years, and I have started a divorce facilitation business in Los Angeles, called Divorce with Dignity - Los Angeles.  I am a full-service divorce facilitator, basically a wedding planner for divorces.  I can handle everything from filing the legal paperwork, to mediating disputes, as well as handling all the details that go along with dividing one home into two separate households.  This process is much easier, and cheaper, than litigating in court.

I have opened my first office open in Beverly Hills, now I need funding for advertising and marketing.  My ideal co-founder would be someone in a related field like mediation, therapy, or an attorney, who knows how to fund raise and market a small business.  I am willing to sell up to 35% of my business to the right person.  Ideally it would be someone in CA, but it could be done long distance if necessary.  

Whether you want to be an active partner or an angel investor, this will work and make money.  I will give 1% ownership per $1,000 invested.  It is up and running in other markets, and I have the exclusive rights to LA County. Now is the time!

Please contact me if you are interested in taking this new small business from one office to 10 offices over the next 5 years.  This will be a very profitable, low overhead business.  Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.
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