Require a co founder with electonics background to develop a solar powered drone. For further details reach me on +918108653333 or
A web platform for the conscious consumer to find products by their own criteria: Ingredients, certifications, country of origin. Reviews of products and showcase suppliers credentials.
This idea is for the remote collection of gas and electricity meter readings from domestic customers.
This low cost device is to be secured to the front bezel of a domestic gas or electricity meter.
The meter readings are collected, OCR'd and transmitted over the phone network to the supplier energy company.
The direct value is that after role-out the company will never have to sent operatives to the streets to read meters.
Aside the above, there are numerous additional benefits, eg, monitoring and reporting of user energy consumption irregularities.
This this device would be the cornerstone of a much larger business that creates substantial (buyable) value by masively reducing the costs of local data collection. The technology is easily created and there are opportunities for patenting the novelty.

Amazi is a location-based app that makes it easy to find clean water sources—from fountains, faucets and filtered systems—to fill reusable containers on the go. We also provide data on the municipal water quality, empowering consumers to make informed decisions regarding their water.

Our mission is to eliminate the need for bottled water by making filling reusable bottles as easy as buying a new one.

Montou is trying to fill a hole in the e-commerce market- by bringing thrift into the 21st century.
Currently Montou is a singular online thrift store- building out into a major online marketplace. The fee scales that come with the existing marketplaces (etsy,ebay,diy) are not structured for thrift pricing.  According to the EPA- every year, the US buries 47 million tons of durable goods in the landfill. The Montou Network of users would intercept the usable, relevant goods from that, and put it into the online market. Goodwill makes 3B in revenue yearly, from donated materials- and is expected to grow 10% a year. Goodwill's 3B is not a part of those 47 M tons of goods.

The Montou network is a solution to our waste problem.

The Plus- Montou wants to bring materials that are not appropriate for our online market, to entrepreneurs in depressed economies; to resell, up-cycle, or re-purpose, rather than ending up in our landfills. Of course, the altruistic value aside- this is an opportunity to invest in human capital (self-employment) and emerging markets; and to capitalize on the waste that is built into modern consumerism.
WaveGo has a goal to design and build economical commuter vehicles for the general public. We feel that just because a car gets good mileage it doesn't have to be boring or so expensive that most people can't afford it. Sometimes wanting to save the environment may not be compelling enough to buy a vehicle; it also has to be a blast to drive.

We strive to alter perception about the kinds of cars we build - ones that promote long term sustainability in a
number of ways- so that they are accepted as cost-friendly, earth-friendly, and above all else: cool.

Optimus designs and manufactures fuel systems and engine controls that enable traditional engines to utilize cleaner fuels at optimized performance levels. Our Vector System significantly reduces operating costs and mitigates harmful emissions by enabling use of cleaner burning domestically produced fuels.

In recent years the price of oil has hit record highs and is continually trending upward. Companies are paying fuel prices 3-5 times what they were ten years ago. These increases significantly cut into their bottom line and hinder their ability to do business.

Our Vector System:

Is a combination of patent pending mechanical hardware and software components
Optimizes the use of existing alternative fuels and is engineered to accept new fuels as they emerge
Bolts onto existing engines to reduce operating costs without needing to completely repower or replace existing equipment

Saves fleets money while utilizing renewable fuels and mitigating petroleum usage.

My project is The "knowledge" side of the platform is already live, though our upcoming relaunch will migrate it to Drupal, redesign the look/feel, and add the monetizing feature - the Green Company Directory, which is actually more a "Marketing Platform" than just a directory. 

This "integrated knowledge & marketing platform" merges content in the expected 'green' areas (and the not-expected areas), with a directory profile that  helps businesses to market to & communicate with consumers in a way that is not currently being done. This is a highly innovative idea that fills an enormous gap in the market. It adds value for consumers by breaking down the complicated topics of green in fast and easy way, and it builds several bridges between awareness and consumer behavior. It adds value for businesses by educating them on ways to "normalize green" for the mainstream consumer, while it also builds several bridges from the marketing area, back to consumer (and business) awareness.

My co-founder must be highly passionate and knowledgeable about sustainability -- we will make an enormous difference. If this is not your passion, then this opportunity is not for you.

(The video shown is for only the content-side of the platform. The video for the marketing-side is still in production.)
Freegler is a "Collaborative Consumption" site that allows you to rent things you own to those around you, and make a bit of money at the same time. You can rent anything from camping and sporting goods, gardening equipment, kitchen items, power tools, you name it, you can list it on our site. It’s free to list an item, and it will appear immediately after you list.