If people like to interact, share, enjoy moments, play sports, go to events ..., why there isn’t a way of knowing whether your friends or their friends, with similar interests, are available and want to do activities to live their life to the fullest while they create increasingly large and fun groups over time?

A new App where you can create or join activities with your friends and their friends.

Why Moments
Moments is the next step in a social space that’s moving away from old web models (Friendster, Myspace, Facebook) to intimate and ephemeral interactions (SnapChat, Whatsapp): it’s the simplest and most frictionless way to quickly share a special moment with the people you care about.
Who we are looking for
Our team consists of a full-time IxD and UI designer with 5 years’ mobile design experience, and a full-time iOS developer with 4 years’ experience building iPhone apps. Both the back-end development and the UX design are about 25-30% done.
We are looking for a second iOS developer with particularly strong front-end skills, who will also be a co-founder in every respect. Since the clarity and performance of the UI will be key to the success of Moments, and since most standard iOS components would be suboptimal for the task (e.g. row selection in a long table view), the 2-3 screens that will make up the core of the app will use custom interactions. (The kind that made your jaw drop when Facebook Paper came out.)
If you like challenges and building great stuff, then we’re likely on the same page. Because of the tight deadline that we’ve set (submitting to Apple by end of November) we are ideally looking for somebody who will be able to work on Moments full-time. You should be able to communicate in a direct and straightforward manner, take part in product brainstorms, have insane attention to detail, and not be willing to work at an office for the rest of your life :) Bonus points if you can make sense of a Quartz composition, have played with the POP framework before and/or can speak GIF.
What we offer
You will become a co-founder owning 20 to 30% of the company in private equity, depending on your experience, level of commitment, odour, etc. We do not plan to raise investment capital until we can prove natural traction and organic growth, which we believe will be between January and February.
We are looking to complete the team by the 14th of September. If all of this sounds good, feel free to tell us a bit about yourself. No Dear Sir/Madam, CVs or cover letters. Just show us what you’ve built and tell us why you’ll be a good fit. We promise we won’t ask you to sign an NDA just to pitch you another SnapChat clone.
Recruiters: Thanks, but no thanks.
When it comes to events and activities, we quickly realize that there are a million possible things happening at the same time.
How can you possibly go about finding something to do when there’s so much choice and no central place to look it all up?
Finding something new to do is often a tedious process, and you’ll often find people getting frustrated and simply giving up.

Dooin.it is the solution.
It is your source for all events and activities, with suggestions tailored specifically to you and your situation.

How does it work?
First, you tell us what you'd feel like; second, you find something in the personalized suggestions; third, you book, reserve of purchase tickets for it now or plan it for later.

Put simply, Dooin.it is an aggregator of events and activites, across different services and the web. It also serves as a review aggregator and allowed the user to purchase tickets and make reservations straight from the application itself - a truly integrated service. We haven't forgotten the social layer either, where you can keep track of what your friends are up to and what their suggestions and reviews are, since they're the most important to you.

Get out more and start Dooin.it!
Let's face it: your friends suck. And it's not your fault.

There are only a few ways to meet friends in the world: the office, school, or at a party thrown by people you met at the office or school. We think it's time to change that.

We've got a groundbreakingly simple idea that we think will revolutionize the way you make friends, and we're looking for one or two talented marketers and developers to help us make that vision a reality.

We're no amateurs: we're a successful web design firm that hears startup pitches every day, and we don't often bite. We can handle a large part of the development of the site, and all of the design, but we'll need some help to turn it into the next big thing.

If you're a driven, passionate developer or marketer who's ready to conquer the world of online friendmaking, we want to hear from you. We're offering equity stakes in the company.

Email our founder: casey@platowebdesign.com
Use the contact form on our website: http://platowebdesign.com

If you've forgotten to make any plans tonight, Perch makes it really easy to find out who else is free. No more awkward group texts and waiting for hours for people to reply - with Perch, you can let your Facebook friends know that you'd be up for seeing them tonight, and see everyone who's said they want to see you. Once there's a match, you're both notified, and you can take it from there. You can even save lists of friends to make meeting up with groups easy.

I've made the first version of the app, which is available on the App Store, and I'm now looking for a technical co-founder to help take it forward.
A7ias allows you to discuss topics amongst only your friends anonymously. Everyone will be anonymous. Think of reddit with friends!
I don't want to give too much away unless I'm in direct discussions with interested parties - so please find my brief outline below. If you want to know more or feel you cna bring something to the idea, get in contact and we can disucss the idea in depth; any advice is also welcomed.

Health and fitness app/Running app.

I'm not trying to replicate Nike Run or RunKeeper, it's a totally different take on those kind of apps and one that isn't present in the market place currently. I have developed the idea into sketches and a POP (Prototype on Paper) mock app. I would need to discuss how to move the app forward in terms of development, design and implementation.

Elements within the app: Social media integration, calendar, GPS/maps.
Have you ever wanted to sync playlists with your buddies so you can jam to the same tunes at the same time?  Whether it be a ski trip where everyone is listening to one playlist on their OWN device, or a road trip with multiple cars rocking together, things are better when you can share them with others.

I'm looking to develop an app that can sync a "hosts" playlist with friends seamlessly, with the ability to change hosts.  There are many more features in mind that I would like to keep confidential for my own security purposes, but let me know if you are interested! 
Grubwithus meets daily deals to provide a prepaid social experience (eating, outdoor activities, nightlife) for friends to mingle with new social circles. 

Please contact me if you'd like to hear more.
I consider this idea "the next frontier of social networking". Essentially this website will match up people for friendship based upon an algorithm. This algorithm would be based upon scientific research of interpersonal compatibility and socionics, along with other variables including interests and more. I have a lot of ideas worked out for this company and I have a solid business model.

Looking for a co-founder to handle the programming of, at least, the MVP which is the back-end programming that will make our site unique.  The design is key too.  I will help with managing the startup operations; funding, marketing, and aspects of the company.