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Designer (35) from Berlin, Germany
Last online: this month
I am looking
for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
I am good at
Designing all kinds of stuff for desktop and mobile, web, print, development of websites using HTML, CSS, creative thinking, creative direction, strong hands-on approach, getting things done mentality, and much more...
I also have experience as
Product manager
Things I have done before
Award winning designer, have been working in traditional media-/communications-agency, startups, worldwide operating telecommunication company, founded several companies already. Roles include Designer & Developer, Senior Visual Designer, Design Lead, Head of Design, Director of Design & User Experience, Chief Creative Officer.
I am interested in
Design, startups, mobile stuff, technology, and more...
I have previous startup experience
I could contribute
more than 20.000 EUR
I am looking for a co-founder who is a
  • Developer
My co-founder should be available at least
part time (10h/week)