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When we see a furniture fair, we dont know the actual price. So lot of people dissapointed, because the price range is out of their budgets.  My idea is create a curated furniture exhibition with price limit. For example:  The FurniCheap : Furniture Exhibition with Price Under Rp. 2.000.000,-

Salestube the future in buying selling and advertising

  • Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Please check out my project SalestubeThe next big thing after YouTube The future in buying selling and advertising Upload a video to make people feel as if they are there This is world wide and has amazing potential the world needs this, everybody knows Youtube and will be easy to know Salestube It's a Youtube ,car sales,gumtree,real estate , seek, commercial, hotels,truck sales,boat sales and…
We are going the conquer the Dutch e-commerce market by developing an unique online platform for a new business model. A business model which is having succes in the United States, but is in it's infancy in the Netherlands. It will give us big opportunities as entrepreneurs.
We believe “Anyone Can Teach, Everyone Can Learn” My Aone Learning is the central online platform for everyone to learn anything from anyone in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as the directory for all learning centers in this region. We serve as an ONLINE skill marketplace for freelance instructors, learning centers and learners to list, browse and subscribe for OFFLINE…
the way we network through social media is adequate, but there are ways we can prioritize and personalize or critieria which is what i belive ive solved.
i am looking for an ios developer to partner and build the application. I am looking for someone who s interested in building a company not a freelancer.

I have a fabulous idea

  • Looking for: Developer
I am doing my project and I have joined an incubator in Bangkok. I am looking for a full time developer as cofounder who want to commit to my project like me, if you are interested in my project , please send me a message, I will tell you the details.

Motion simulator that solves replicating all motions.

  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Sales person
The motion simulator simulates all motion which is a great step from nowadays technology that simulates around a quarter of motions. The market is a well defined 728 Billion market and my product is outperforming my competitors and catering to customers that want nothing but the best. I'll have monopoly through a patent. Revenue is generated from training centres in…

Innovation in education

  • Looking for: Developer
BLIV WEBPROGRAMMØR OG MEDSTIFTER AF STARTUP-VIRKSOMHEDEN INNOYOUTH Er du en dygtig webprogrammør, der synes, det kunne være spændende at prøve kræfter med iværksætteri? Og har du  lyst til at få hovedansvaret for udvikling af en digital læringsportal til brug i uddannelsessektoren? Så skal du være en  del af startup-virksomheden InnoYouth!  InnoYouth er en ung startup-virksomhed med kæmpe potentiale. Vi ønsker…
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