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Social Media Niche

  • Looking for: Developer
Essentially the idea focuses on connecting people to the various media around them through multiple avenues. My business partner and I both have business backrgrounds, but do not have the development skills necessary to bring this to market.We would love to share more with qualified developers so we could share more specifics of our idea and begin to lay out…
Community in the veterinary field to consult professionals in the area of veterinary products and marketing, publicity events and posting of advertisements, mega community in the veterinary field

Social Gaming App

  • Looking for: Developer
Social gaming app that leverages personal connections and social sharing to earn rewards and discounts.
The Good Org. is an online B2B platform for social and environmental conscious companies in the UK. That sounds incredibly boring. The idea is simply awesome. PM me to know more.You'll be working alongside 4 of the best versed business developers across four different industries, with 3 successful companies launched in the last 4 years. An MVP is currently under…

Cloud-Based Real Estate Startup

  • Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
It's not sexy or impressive sounding, but it is necessary and has been a lucrative industry for nearly 3 decades.  Unfortunately, the product itself hasn't changed much in those 30 years.  AccuRental changes that.AccuRental is a cloud-based tenant screening platform that allowing landlords and property managers to conduct thorough background and credit checks on prospective tenants.  Real estate is an…
Blood tested users are identified with a patented method to identify a person to their disease profile using iris scan data from phone app. Users are compared by the service and a response is sent to them both. A latency period exists for tests. Software uses test data and interaction data to maintain information that can logically derive their current…

Dispatch Rider - Hire a DR to go around and do your tasks

  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
The idea is inspired by traditional dispatch riders in millitary settings which go around camps and cantonements doing chores for the officers. The service would have an app through which anyone could hire a DR and assign them duties/chores. I have done some early stage product development and its coming along well.The reason to seek a cofounder here is that…

Join my global team!

  • Looking for: Sales person
Instantly ageless is taking the globe by storm! We launched in the USA in November, Latin America coming in May, there is nothing like it on the market today! See for yourself! Real results in less than 2 minutes or money back!  Visit www.miracleyes.jeunesseglobal.com for tons of info and to see all our products! We are currently looking for driven…
The idea would be a platform that allows users to use identification validation methods in a voting process from their iPhone. By utilizing TouchID technology, this would allow publically traded companies to triage votes via investors from across the world, without requiring them to be present at shareholding meetings. It would also propagate across all industries where voter identification methods…


  • Looking for: Biz developer
Everbody who works with marketing have the same issue, tired of getting 15 sales calls a day? - i got an solution!
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