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Meet My Tutor

  • Looking for: Marketer
Online marketplace for students and tutors. Can search compare and book private tutors via the website.Business partners needed to help expand the reach of Meet My Tutor. Aim to get 50,000+ people signed up globally end of 2014. 

Guessgle-the mind exercise mobile game

  • Looking for: Designer, Developer
Guessgle Introduction: This is two player mobile game which is play by guessing the correct answer. Game have 2 participants which is selected randomely or invite to your facebook friend.this app can show number of images like Google image search query, so players can see the images and select the correct Google image search keyword from 4 options which is…

Chords - the best way to collect music

  • Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer
Whether it's pandora/spotify/youtube, there are more ways than ever to discover good music. For people who use multiple music platforms, it is getting harder to capture and remember all the good music we come across. Everyone has many good music finds that never make it to their playlists, because it's simply impossible to keep track of everything all over the…

Ok deal let's Trade

  • Looking for: Designer
sorry for my english :D I bought something that i don't whant it anymore, someone somewhere Like me bought something that he doesn't want it anymore but what he was i whant what i have he wants it so lets go back in time and trade things that we dont whant to buy form ebay or amazon.

Recruitment System

  • Looking for: Developer

Recruitment Market

  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer
INTRODUCTION  The website, 'RECRUITMENT MARKET' connects specialist agencies to clients of all sizes across all industries. It is used as one platform to identify suppliers, manage the recruitment process, and fill job vacancies fast. It provides a transparent and trusted environment for recruitment.  RECRUITMENT MARKET  Vendor Management Tool. Online Recruitment Marketplace. Flat Fee Board Advertising. Job Board Distribution Tool. Applicant…


  • Looking for: Designer, Developer
Bixnet is an enterprise social network service. It is used for private communication within organizations. The idea is to create a net between small and medium businesses in order to satisfy de demand of supply and materials. The company already exist and is registered as a LTD in London, UK. There are some corporations and investors ready to invest in…
What is personalisation? It is ability to predict person behaviour on website to suggest him right goods at right time. Right recommendations increase conversion rate, retention rate and average order sum. Automatically.  We know who your visitors, what they love, what they hate, what happened with them, when they will decide to buy something and what to buy.Using this info we can…
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