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  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
I have a concept for an innovative IT start up that tackles an organizing problem in the business industry that has not been solved so far. I have already gathered a team of passionate students who work on that project in their free time. To increase the quality of our work I am looking for more developers and business strategists…
We are seeking a partner for our Internet Start up Co.- The partner must be extremely well versed in the areas of computer programming, web design, and all things IT. We have an excellent concept for a website and business in the rapidly growing. global market of vacation rental properties. Our idea has been well researched and consulted with top…

football (soccer ) fixed results

  • Looking for: Developer
i am looking for one partner to co-operate in one website  for football fixed result .. we will help people to find the best results for wining money in bet(llotary) Who want to be part of this project  ,contact me rodazz1993@outlook.com 
I have recently start a business called E-LEARNING LAB. E-LEARNING LAB Is the combination of Online course Management system and freelance site so that teachers and students have all tools they need for teaching and learning onlineWith E-LEARNING LAB, they can freely do all things below:1. Create public courses or private courses: Public courses will allow visitors to enroll in those…


  • Looking for: Developer
The idea is a marketing platform for small businesses. The platform curates templates for use on social media and other marketing deliverables for small businesses based on industry. I am trying to create a solution for graphic design for businesses that are technically challenged or do not have the money to spend. The focus of the designs are brand oriented…

Fintech Project

  • Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
I am working for a global investment bank and currently establishing a fintech start up. I am looking for a motivated PHP and/or ASP NET developer. You would get an equity stake, be the head of IT, developing a web based application/program and together with me, the co-founder of a very promising company. Please send me your CV. If you…
Take your part in distrupting the gigantic contract manufacturing industry by joining Quote Manager Pro to delivery the industry's first SaaS application for estimating industrial assemblies.  The industrial manufacturing industry uses decades old technology to send out quote requests, retrieve them, and compile them into organized Bills of Materials used to work up estimates for the assemblies for which they…

AA, Nigeria’s first online travel shop, intends to explore the retail travel market entirely

  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Product manager, Other
There is a huge gap between the volume of services and product provided in the travel industry and their online presence and accessibility, considering the increase in the rate of online engagement. Despite the number of travel related websites, there is no community, commerce and content everyday people can relate with in their everyday lives.Our Learning profiles, visualized information, sophisticated…

create biggest and best betting exchange in the world

  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Other
Currently. all the betting exchanges in the market charges commission on the bets, and also earns money on odds "juice". For example, Team A vs Team B, the odds you take on either side is usually 1.9 and 1.9. Meaning if you risk $100, you only win $90, even if you take either team.$10 is the bookmaker's profit.My idea of…
Recently i found out that similar product is already launching at kickstarter (www.getampy.com). It is a powerbank that can be charged by movement, so you can just attach it to you and get it charged while you walk or run or cycle. Its a great start for renewale energy.However, i think the product can still be improved. There are many…
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