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Maida, CEO of Cureeo, found her co-founder and now CTO, Abid, on Founder2be.

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Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch says 'Founder2be, the Helsinki-based co-founder finding network, is now operating in more than 100 countries, having expanded to accept would-be co-founders living in Africa and Australia. The network was already accepting applications from Europe, the U.S. and Asia — and says it’s the first co-founder finding network operating across all five continents (Antarctica not being a hotbet of startup activity). Founder2be [...] is now apparently the biggest such dedicated network. [...] It now has more than 15,000 registered users [...]. [...] Founder2be is powering "a few thousand" introductions per month.'
Lauren Drell of Mashable says 'But how are you supposed to find the person with whom you’ll hunker down to build the company you’re so passionate about? Well, there’s [...] Founder2be, for the Match.com types.'
Martin Bryant of The Next Web says 'Founder2be is like Internet dating for tech entrepreneurs looking for co-founders.'
Karsten Strauss of Forbes says 'The Founder2be.com process is familiar to anyone who’s ever been exposed to online dating. People sign up for the service and create a profile that reflects what they are all about [...]. Maida Swenson-Fortune, CEO of an online art-buying platform called Cureeo, found her CTO on Founder2be. Abid Ali had experience as a web developer, user interface designer and was already a veteran of several startups before he linked up with Swenson-Fortune.'
Christina DesMarais of Inc. says 'So she [Maida] started looking for a partner. She considered peers from her MBA program [...]. She interviewed people she found at tech meet-ups, but with no luck. Finally, she tried Founder2be, an online service that helps entrepreneurs find co-founders. There, she met Abid Ali, who now [...] is the company's CTO.'

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Amazing how many talented people have joined since meeting my co-founder a year ago!
– Rodrigo, Co-founder of Déjàmor